New York Type Directors Club
Typographic Excellence Award
TDC 56, 2008

This special edition 444 page book contains reproductions of all the covers in the International Gateways exhibition, the final exhibition in the Idioms series. Each reproduction is accompanied by a small text in which the designer explains the ideas behind the cover design. Two special sections in the beginning of the book are devoted to the work of British designers David Pearson and Jon Gray. In addition to a general text by myself, there is also a text by David Pearson which documents the history and the making of the Penguin Great Ideas series, and a text in which Jon Gray talks about approach to his work. 

Special care and attention was paid to the reproduction of the covers and I insisted on having photographs of the books rather than digital files. Where designers were not able to supply photos, we photographed them in Porto. The book was designed in a way that most commercial publishers would not accept in that in the majority of cases a whole spread was devoted to each cover. The covers were reproduced on the right-hand page and on the facing page, the explanatory text written by the designers. 


Date 2008
Client Fundação de Serralves /
Fundação Belmiro de Azevedo
Format 15cm x 21cm
Pages 444