Tuesday 31 Oct, 2017

In February the Porto City Hall invited the studio to design the publicity materials for one of the biggest annual cultural events in city, an initiative entitled 'Cultura em Expansão' (Culture in Expansion), a series of events and concerts – music, theatre, dance, cinema, workshops – that take place all over the city mostly in locations outside of established venues (housing associations for example). The materials included three principle posters and a 24 page brochure.

My starting point for the design was a particular genre of mostly American music concert posters from the 50's that I've always been fond of because of their bright, dynamic and celebratory nature. Above all I wanted the design to express an atmosphere of generic xanax online and entertainment, by producing contemporary versions that still contained a visual reference to the originals.
A big thanks to studio collaborators for this project, 'newcomer' Serafim Mendes and long-time collaborator Rita Carvalho, and to Guilherme Blanc from the City Hall for inviting the studio to design the materials. The complete set can be seen here in the portfolio section under posters.