Thursday 22 Dec, 2011


In April of this year in a post about the design of the book cover for Jesus' Son I referred to a byproduct of the design process – the creation of an alphabet entitled 'RUST'. We continued to work on it inbetween projects and it's now available to be viewed here. It's filed in the portfolio section under 'posters' for essentially two reasons. Firstly because we will issue a folded poster which illustrates the alphabet, and secondly, because as yet there's no menu heading anywhere on the studio site that accommodates this sort of self-initiated project.

When I first started working as a designer it was common in the profession to create lettering for a particular piece of work, especially posters. But in most cases it wouldn't have crossed our minds to construct a whole font from such a work, let alone commercialize it. One-off lettering was exactly that: something created for a very particular work, where only the necessary letters were designed. With those ideas still in mind Rust is not conceived as a font, it is simply an exploration of letterform possibilities, and, without apology, an open-ended playful indulgence.