Monday 04 Apr, 2011

In the planning for longer than I like to recall, the new studio website is finally on-line. The problems of the old site – no back-office and made in flash – made it too problematic to update. And without regular updates, people quickly learn that there is no reason to re-visit. Now at least there's a reason – whether or not there's a desire – because new work will be included whenever it's completed. Whilst not containing everything that the studio has produced, the new site does include a lot of new of work that has been completed since the original site was launched some years ago.

And there's more. A space for reflection in this new 'blogish' section entitled News & Comment. A principle objective is to be able to write about process. The promise I've made myself is that there will be a new post at least once a fortnight.

Visitors may wonder then – as the site is newly launched – how come there are posts in this section dating back to May 2008. Well apart from being an incidental reflection of how long the site has been in the planning, it's because I thought it important to document certain events and news as they took place regardless of whether I could make them public – a case of building the habits of documentation and archiving for something I knew would one day take place.

I've set myself the task of writing about how the studio develops different projects, documenting the process of design that we engage in on an everyday level. Some will find this of interest, others not so much. As an educator as well as a designer I've always stressed the importance of process, of being able to understand the conditions and context in which design is produced and to move it away from an appreciation which is merely concerned with appearance. This is not a denial of the importance of visual form that is at the center of our practice, it is simply a strategic reinforcement and reminder that design is first and foremost a process of organizing ideas without which no visual expression is possible.

Not all the entries will be concerned with process however. Other posts may address news relating to the studio or design events, comments on design issues, and other items of potential interest. There is no assumption about audience. After all, it's not as if there is a shortage of design-related sites. Instead, the initiative is a personal commitment to build a practice which is clear and as complete as possible.